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adapting to mitime

Last Update:

I have found that adjusting to mitime was extremely easy, as very quickly it became clear that mitime is a much more natural and intuitive way to structure and measure time.

Standard Mitime leverages the natural human ability to accurately judge halves, as well as the cultural norm of dividing time in quarters. Building on this, recognize the following facts about the structure of Standard Mitime:

The mid-point of midai reflects standard time:

2sm = 2pm

2sm is short for 2.4.4 sm, just as 2pm is short for 2:00 pm.

All other mi boundaries fall on either 6’s or 10’s in standard time:

4sm = 6am

3sm = 10am

2sm = 2pm

1sm = 6pm

0sm = 10pm

Notice too that at 8am, an eighth of the day–half of the first mi, or two mihours, a semi–has passed in midai. Likewise at 8pm, an eighth of the day–half of the last mi, or two mihours, a semi–remains in midai.

Obviously, each standard mi represents a quarter of your productive day, which I call midai. Then, within each mi of Standard Mitime, mihours are equivalent to normal hours, and each hour is divided into quarters hours, if needed, so the effort to translate to and from mitime is minimal.

In a matter of days, this structure became second nature, as I began to associate the times listed above with their corresponding mi, and I conceptually shifted from thinking about what time it is in terms of standard time-telling, to an awareness of where I am in midai. For example, when 10AM arrives, I know that I am already a quarter of the way through my day, and I know immediately if I am on schedule, or need to adjust. Mitime is a constant reminder of the value of time and helps sustain a healthy sense of urgency. In mitime, wasted time is painfully apparent.

Knowing the time precisely is obviously also very useful in many cases, most obviously, when keeping appointments. But in terms of accomplishing daily goals, knowing the precise time by itself gives little useful information.

Mitime provides a more natural time structure that immediately communicates how effectively time is being used. Its minimalistic approach removes unnecessary precision for easier understanding and application. The structure of mitime supports effective prioritization, overall efficiency, as well as the ability to quickly adapt to changing conditions.