minimal time metastructure

mitime is

( local time)

what are you buying with your time?

time is an ever-diminishing resource

Last Update:

Mitime only describes available time in a day. Therefore mitime counts down.

Mitime forces you to be more mindful of where you are in relation to time. Mitime reminds you that time is a finite and precious resource that is constantly being drained. Mitime makes you aware of the time you have left.

Mitime seeks to organize this time better, to better facilitate goals and prioritization.

Whereas standard time answers the question “what time is it” mitime answers the question “where am I in my day?”

As a result, mitime focuses less on the constraints on our time, what is demanded of us. Mitime focuses more on how we spend our time, and whether that time is spent on something meaningful.

Mitime encourages us to spend our precious time on the things we value most.